A downloadable game for Windows

This isn't done. Play and give feedback please thank you.

WASD to move Left click to to attack right click to block.

Shift to sprint.

There are two bosses in the demo.

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Published 343 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsAction-Adventure, agdg, Dark Fantasy, demo, Fantasy, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download it and run it.




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this is a pretty nefty demo!
i was wondering if you'd be willing to sell me the gmz source file of this demo, i have been trying to learn game maker and to be able to take a look at the attack, hud and general collision code would be really usefull for me.

I'm gonna be completely honest, you'd be doing yourself a disservice learning from my code. I'm a designer before I'm a programmer and the way almost everything in this game is done is inefficient or poor quality.

The Game Maker community is vibrant and full of people that would be willing to help you learn to use the software, and I'm sure if you have any previous experience programming you'll pick it up quickly.

Thanks for playing!

Interesting game, if a bit shallow. Here's my three pieces of constructive criticism:

1. enemies restoring health when killed isn't a bad mechanic, but the fact that the druid necromancer spawned monsters made him pathetically easy, because any time I got low on health I just backed off, waited for him to spawn stuff, and killed it for easy health. So yeah, take that into consideration.

2. The Dark Souls sounds are probably placeholders, but the don't fit with the graphics so something a bit more fitting might be warranted.

3. Lefty was just annoying. The entire fight was hold your shield out, wait for him to spin attack, beat his ass when the spin attack is over or when he tries to heal, repeat ad nausium. Probably want to add something to that.

Oh, and I didn't find the secret boss. Any hints on where he is?

just hold down P L and S at the same time

it's so secret that no one could ever find it

Cool game. Can't wait for the full release
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